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Your retreat place, your paradise, your home.

No matter how you call it, the list of work to be done seems never to get shorter. Let this be our problem in the future.

constuction & renovation

  • floor laying

  • lighting (in- and outside)

  • new seams

  • lay cables

  • change light switch

  • mount the lamps

  • painting

  • change locks

  • phone reinstallation

  • mount bird screen

  • .....

maintenance & servicing

  • cleaning the roof gutter

  • controlling / documenting heating counter

  • heating installation control

  • fuel oil control / order

  • organize a chimney sweeper

  • organize some specialists 

  • replace filter of the ventilation system

  • replace the seals

  • replace water strainer and filters

  • replace fittings and faucet (vanity / shower)

  • sealing the faucet

  • flush repairing

  • .....

mounting & demounting

  • hang up and istall tv

  • hang up mirrors

  • hang up pictures

  • install lamps

  • mount furnitures

  • mount mosquitonet

  • .....


  • outdoor area / facade

  • windows

  • high-pressure cleaning

  • indoor area / staircase

  • pool / jacuzzi

  • .....

waste management

  • pick up and transportation

  • bulky waste disponsing

  • christmas tree desponsing

  • plant disponsing

  • special waste disponsing

  • ....

general service

  • computer support

  • chauffeur

  • house sitting

  • internet installation

  • organize your move (within Switzerland)

  • running errands

  • software & smartphone support

  • .....

Why are these points important?

A building ages and loses value. A detailed maintenance and renewal concept ensures you a long-term value and protects you against short-term sales, due to personal or professional changes, against a mostly disproportionately high price decay. In order to ensure the value of your building it needs a regular service. Anyone who neglects the maintenance of the building must expect damage and loss of value. It is better to plan the necessary work far-sighted. The regular maintenance of a vehicle is self-evident for many of you but to a lot of people it is unknown that the same maintance is essential to their property. Investing in controlled maintenance is cost-effective, but it is much cheaper than remedying too late.

Why Home & Green?

Quality starts at Home & Green already with the consultation. Together we discuss your tailor-made maintenance range for your property. Thus, an individual task book is worked out. With the product variants developed by us, all wishes and requirements can be adapted to your specific needs.

For questions or a free meeting at your home, please contact us at 044 722 60 00 or

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