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Anyone who has ever done some gardening knows that as soon as you think you are finished it all starts again from the beginning.


  • cutting bushes

  • cutting hedges

  • cutting trees

  • mowing the lawn

  • fertilize the plants

  • weeding

  • frost protection measures

  • wiping leaves

  • scarify the lawn

  • spring preparations

  • watering plants

  • vermin protection

  • winter preparations

  • .....

construction & maintenance

  • lighting in the garden

  • irrigation system

  • paving flagstones

  • build biotope

  • electric connections

  • build natural stairs

  • fence fitting and repair

  • .....


  • biotop cleaning

  • high-pressure cleaning

  • pool & jacuzzi cleaning

  • .....

In ordert o enjoy a beautiful garden you need to take car coninuously during all for seasons. Everything from A to Z is organized and carried out by Home & Green. If necessary, an appropriate specialist will be organized to do extraordinary and specific work.

In the course of our extensive maintenance plan, we will be glad to advise you personally about your optimal gardening maintenance.

For questions or a free meeting at your home, please contact us at 044 722 60 00 or


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